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With our help, you will be able to pass your medical billing and coding certification exams on the first try! We have a 95% success rate with our students. And we want you to be one of them! So what are you waiting for? Enroll in one of our medical billing and coding classes today!

What is medical coding and is it for you?

Medical coding is the process of reading medical documentation written by a healthcare provider and converting it to numbers and alphanumeric codes. These codes are then submitted to 3rd party payers on a claim. The third party reviews the claim and determines if the services and procedures should be paid based on medical necessity. Medical necessity is proven by making sure the diagnosis code explains why the procedure code or service was done. Based on that information, the 3rd party will determine if the claim should be paid. That’s the way a medical facility communicates with a patient’s insurance and it’s critical that the communication between both of these entities is accurate and this is why the medical coder job is so important.
This role requires an open mind to learning and a passion for details. If you’re driven and looking for a new career, or to further your current career with new certifications, get started today!
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Live! Weekly courses

The #1 Training Institution that provides live training with a real instructor. These courses are hosted via webinar.

On-demand courses

These classes are for students that can not attend the live instructor led courses but want  to still watch and listen to the course live classes.

Self- Study Courses

Students will go at their own pace to complete these courses.  

Certification Review Courses

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional.  Theses classes are for students that do not need a full class but a review before taking a certification exam.
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Why should you choose Learn Medical Coding LLC?

There are so many medical billing and coding schools online.  Are you wondering why you should choose our courses?  Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.
  • Our curriculum includes courses that will get you certified in multiple medical coding specialties, creating more career opportunities, the ability to increase your salary, and job stability.
  • We offer live classes and allow students to attend on demand if they cannot attend a live class. This means our students will never have to miss a class.
  • You will get real job experience because you will code real medical cases. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to use an encoder and code computer-assisted cases.
  • We actually care. We really get to know our students and want everyone to succeed, so we are there for our students.
  • Our courses are the most affordable classes. We suggest comparing what is included in our course packages vs. other online programs.
  • Everyone will be approved for a payment plan. Our payment plans are not all based on your credit score. We have payment plans based on your income and how much you can afford to pay monthly.
  • Our teachers are real coders and are certified by the organizations our students prepare for the certification. In other words, we have been in our student's shoes.
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Linda W.

I passed by CPC exam! I am so thrilled and wanted to tell you THANK YOU. Your class was the reason I did it.
-- Linda W.; Alanta, GA

Latonya C.

This course was excellent! I learned so much. Thank you.
—Latonya C.; Baltimore, Maryland

Amy S.

Thank you for being such a great teacher! You were extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all teachers would treat their students as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again
—Amy S.; Florida.

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